Training for Serious Prayer Warriors

Training for Victorious Prayer Warriors

Ready to move from having a mundane and ineffective prayer life to praying targeted and strategic prayers with the intention to get results?

Specialized Classes

Watchmen Arise International specializes in training for intercessors and ministry leaders who desire to be used by God to cause societal transformation.

 Strategic Prayer Life Development

Get focused. Get equipped. Get prepared to battle in prayer!

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“One of the greatest ways you have added value to my life through your teaching is the passion and depth of knowledge you have regarding God’s word and the functioning body of Christ. Through your teaching I have grown in my understanding of how to become a more effective intercessor, the importance of developing a thorough understanding of the apostolic community, and helping the body to recognize and utilize their positions within it. I look forward to continued training and teaching through Watchmen Arise International and highly recommend your school to all who hunger for a better understanding of how they fit and function within the body of Christ. Keep Up the Good Work!” - Robert L. 

"Kimberly Johnson was with us at FreedomHouse (April 2016). She is founder of Watchmen Arise International and a really solid worship leader, teacher, and apostolic leader. Our house is blessed by her ministry and leadership, and the activations she did brought boldness to many people. I would recommend her ministry, even say that many local ministries would be matured in intercession through her leadership." - Dr. Don Lynch

"My transformation is being set free, seeing things much more clearly, and having a greater understanding of the many questions I had asked God over the years. I know how to pray much more clearly and respectfully; I know how and when to war, and when to move out of the way and let God have His way; I know how to look for those hidden things in plain sight, and I know that God used you to bring a greater revelation to me that I had not known before. Now, I can be a blessing to others as you have been a blessing to me. Thank You Kimberly!” - Ruth A.

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